November - 27 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill
beautiful growth

  Well, the last two days have certainly smashed me! I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus today and feel more drained than I have in a very long time and have the puffy eyes to prove it. I’ve been confronted and convicted by situations that have come up in my life  [ Read More ]


November - 26 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill
growth in god

Thank you Lord for the resistance in my life which enables me to grow and to be ready for the life you have destined for me. Thank you for the opportunities that come up in the fire, where i can see where there is still resistance and blockages in me to moving forward in your  [ Read More ]

Romans 6:19

November - 25 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill
god of freedom

I was just reading Romans in the bible and I got to a passage that just jumped out at me like a big, bright light, Romans 6:19! In this verse in the bible that I am reading (The Message//Remix) is says: “I’m using this freedom language because it’s easy to picture. You can readily recall,  [ Read More ]

Walking Together

November - 24 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill
those who walk

How can two walk together unless they are in agreement – Amos 3:3. This is the perfect scripture for me today. I am feeling so torn between holding on to what I know and diving head first into what I don’t know and I am finding it so much harder than I thought I would  [ Read More ]


November - 23 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Sunday morning I woke up at 4:30am with the worst migraine I think I have ever had. I got up out of bed and went upstairs to take the tablets the chemist had instructed me to take for migraines and then I tried to lie down on the lounge until 6 when I had to  [ Read More ]

November - 21 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill

I’m in the fire, and I need to go through the pressure of being in the fire and not give up halfway. If God is the potter and I truly am his clay then I need to let him mould me. I need to put my trust in him and understand that he has a  [ Read More ]

Lord, Have Your Way In Me

November - 19 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill
learn to think new

Sometimes it can be very hard when you are growing to not get frustrated at yourself and all of your bad vices. Even though you are trusting that God is working in you and changing you bit by bit, at his perfect pace, it can very often feel like nothing is really changing at all  [ Read More ]

Deceitful Devil

November - 18 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill

The devil told Jesus, “if you just follow me, bow down to me and worship me, I will give you the entire world and all that’s in it because I own it all’.  The devil said this to Jesus when he had been out in the wilderness for fourty days and fourty nights and was  [ Read More ]

My Faith Moves Him – Poem

November - 17 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill
mighty to save

My tears will touch his soul once more My cries will break his heart My pain will tear him up inside Because he knows where healing starts My doubt will never bring him joy My unrest won’t bring him peace My fear will make his heart cry out Because he longs to bring release But  [ Read More ]

What Moves God?

November - 16 - 2015
Posted by Jo Cotterill
move me

What moves God? Faith does! This is what I heard in a Bill Johnson sermon I was listening to on my phone this morning. He was giving a sermon called ‘Deep cries out to deep’ and it had me captivated from the very beginning and intrigued until the very end. I absolutely love listening to  [ Read More ]