Character Courage

December - 9 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Character building really sucks!!!! Going through the trials and deserts and dark times is just plain hard work and sometimes you have to ask yourself, “maybe I should just stay the same way as I’ve always been, it has to be easier than going through this, doesn’t it??? And then you remember that the way  [ Read More ]

Worship Wonders

November - 23 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Last night I was reading about how we each need to find our own personal and independent ways to worship god because when we worship him, just as we are and in the ways that are truly wholehearted for us, then we worship him authentically and deeply. So I also figured out last night that  [ Read More ]

Resist Resist Resist

November - 4 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

So Jesus said “resist the devil and he will flee from you”, so today I am super stoked I was able to do just that. I ate what I wanted for breakfast even though my anorexia devil was telling me to just skip breakfast because I don’t really need, I added cheese to my lunch  [ Read More ]

Indian Giver

November - 2 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

“It says that god heals the broken hearted and heals minds, so why hasn’t he done mine yet!” I said this to my amazing friend Kirsti today and as always she had a straight to the point answer that I kept choosing to overlook (or play dumb to), and that answer was to give my  [ Read More ]

The Middle

November - 1 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

So I think I’m in the middle right now. God has promised to take me to the other side where the promised land is, but right now I’m out in the middle, between the old and the new, between life and death, and man is it uncomfortable. It is unknown and foreign and the other  [ Read More ]

Addiction Affliction

October - 19 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

If i don’t stop now, ill have a breakthrough. If i just keep pushing on, and don’t quit what i am trying to do, i’ll walk in a knew life, i just know it! Giving up any addiction is hard and it often feels impossible, but God has shown me, through others, that it is  [ Read More ]


October - 18 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

God, I keep making excuses for not doing the things I need to do and then complaining that nothing in my life is ever changing or moving forward. Lord, I am not changing or moving forward, not life!!!! Please help me to stop acting insanely lord and to stop expecting different results all the time  [ Read More ]

Faith Muscle

October - 13 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

I go to the gym and i love it. I love the feeling of working out and getting stronger and burning up a lot of my hyper energy, it just feels awesome. I love pushing my muscles to go further than they did the day before, so why then do i absolutely struggle when it  [ Read More ]

The Way Out is Through

September - 19 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

The only way out of your problems, is through them. It’s the hard, often painful and confronting way, but it is definitely the only way. I often found myself hating on myself for not being where I thought I should be in my recovery process. I always seemed to be moving really slowly, or not  [ Read More ]

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

August - 21 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill
oops a daisy11

I have to admit that yesterday i did have a bit of a pitiful cry when i found out my best friend had just gotten married, now i know crying at happy news like that is normal, but i had a pity party cry out of jealousy, seriously how messed up am i? After half  [ Read More ]