My Vow

March - 21 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill
i choose jesus

This is my written declaration that I, Joanne Cotterill, will keep on making the choice ever day to choose faith over unbelief. I have witnessed and experienced today just how much better my mood is, my behaviour is and my heart is just by spending time in the word and choosing to simply believe that  [ Read More ]

Hooked On Heaven

March - 20 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Anorexia is like a drug that you get hooked on and become addicted to. You believe that you cannot possibly live without it and that you need to have it every day if you are going to make it through. You believe that drug is now the one thing you need in order for everything  [ Read More ]


March - 19 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill

I feel like I am being tormented. I want to believe, but I can’t believe. I want to be with God, but I can’t be with God because I don’t believe him. I know that I am doing the wrong thing, yet I can’t stop doing the wrong thing because I have faith in the  [ Read More ]

One Foot With Jesus

March - 18 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill
holding heart

Today was a lost day for me. I really struggled with depression and felt hopeless and pitiful the entire day and was unable to accomplish even the simplest things. I couldn’t even commit to making any decisions and so I just trudged through the motions of life and sunk deeper and deeper into my slimy  [ Read More ]

Misplaced Faith

March - 17 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill

I say that I don’t have faith and I keep getting frustrated because I’m not trusting God and I am really knowing him at all. But I do have faith, strong faith if I really just stop and think about it. But that faith has been misplaced and it has been put into the hands  [ Read More ]

Two Masters

March - 16 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill
serve him only

Do you know how hard and impossible it is to try and serve two masters at one time? Imagine trying to please, serve and obey two completely, and I mean completely, opposite people, both at the same time and somehow try and keep them both happy whilst fulfilling the enormous tasks they have both given  [ Read More ]


March - 15 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill
gods butterfly 1

“Why do you choose to stay a caterpillar when I have created you to be a butterfly? Why won’t you come inside the cocoon of my love and let me transform you Joanne? Your true beauty is yet to be revealed and you are designed to take flight and soar with all your majesty so  [ Read More ]

“Fear Not”

March - 14 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill
fear not 1

Oh my goodness i have such a spirit of fear. Anorexia is fear masquerading as a friend and it gives off a scent in the siritual realm just like faith does. Except fear stinks and smells like decay, and it attracts the devil and all of his evil companions to it, just like moths to  [ Read More ]

Dancing Defeat

March - 13 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill
set free 1

Today was a mini breakthrough for God today and a big kick in the guts for Anorexia. Not only did I do something I would not be allowed to do normally with Anorexia, I also got to taste a small sliver of what life was actually like without her. I remembered being free! Yes I  [ Read More ]

The Drive To Fear

March - 12 - 2016
Posted by Jo Cotterill
when all fails...

Work was intense, hectic and exhausting, I came home with a killer migraine, my feet were aching after being on them all day – and I still made myself exercise when I got home because I am afraid of getting fat. I feel extremely frustrated and emotional with myself right now. On one side I  [ Read More ]