Addiction Affliction

October - 19 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

If i don’t stop now, ill have a breakthrough. If i just keep pushing on, and don’t quit what i am trying to do, i’ll walk in a knew life, i just know it! Giving up any addiction is hard and it often feels impossible, but God has shown me, through others, that it is  [ Read More ]


October - 18 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

God, I keep making excuses for not doing the things I need to do and then complaining that nothing in my life is ever changing or moving forward. Lord, I am not changing or moving forward, not life!!!! Please help me to stop acting insanely lord and to stop expecting different results all the time  [ Read More ]

Faith Muscle

October - 13 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

I go to the gym and i love it. I love the feeling of working out and getting stronger and burning up a lot of my hyper energy, it just feels awesome. I love pushing my muscles to go further than they did the day before, so why then do i absolutely struggle when it  [ Read More ]

The Way Out is Through

September - 19 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

The only way out of your problems, is through them. It’s the hard, often painful and confronting way, but it is definitely the only way. I often found myself hating on myself for not being where I thought I should be in my recovery process. I always seemed to be moving really slowly, or not  [ Read More ]

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

August - 21 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill
oops a daisy11

I have to admit that yesterday i did have a bit of a pitiful cry when i found out my best friend had just gotten married, now i know crying at happy news like that is normal, but i had a pity party cry out of jealousy, seriously how messed up am i? After half  [ Read More ]

Choose Again

August - 15 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Today was a harder one for me because I’m not allowing myself to let any negative thoughts enter my mind and to simply keep declaring that god has an awesome plan for me and to see it come to life, I just have to believe in it. It’s really hard to truly keep on top  [ Read More ]

Chance Meeting?

August - 10 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Today after church I was in shellharbour shopping, and I was feeling a bit down about my ex relationship. It’s strange how you can miss something still after such a long time, but I’m pretty sure that’s just me not wanting to let go. I went into a favourite shop of mine and I got  [ Read More ]

Sleep Savvy

August - 9 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Yay, just set up my blog on my phone again, very stoked with myself because now I can write anywhere. super, dooper awesome. I left work today and I managed to breakthrough my old thinking because instead of going to the gym like I had planned to, I went home and slept! I knew I  [ Read More ]

He Answers Through Others

August - 8 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill
God uses

  God is so good. I love him so much. He always answers every question and fills every need in just the right time, maybe not in my time frame, but he always shows up in his perfect timing. After work today, God showed up for me through my amazing friend, who called me at  [ Read More ]

Gym Junkie

August - 4 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

  I went to the new gym tonight with a mate from work and it felt so good to be doing some weights and feeling like my body is getting stronger, I forgot how good going to the gym can feel and having someone there with me to show me exactly what to do was  [ Read More ]