July - 30 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

It’s funny how much you can learn to let things go when you just take your Ego out of the equation. Life becomes a whole lot easier and peace becomes you more and more. Pride is a very ridiculous thing! I’m reading a book at the moment which is talking a lot about the mind  [ Read More ]

Shine On

July - 28 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

  Today was my first day presenting at the shine program that I am a part of, and God really carried me through it and I absolutely loved it. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to present at shine because it is something I am so passionate about and it’s what  [ Read More ]

Half Love, Half Fear

July - 25 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill
double mind

Gotta love lounge chair splendour in the grass, at least I can be there one way or another!! What is it going to take for me to lose my double mindedness? Sometimes I even surprise myself at my stubbornness still and can only shake my head at the blinding evidence I keep choosing to ignore.  [ Read More ]

Staying Vigilant

July - 22 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

  I finished work today and went to Woolworths, as always, and suddenly couldn’t stop yawning. I felt like I had absolutely hit a fatigued wall and was as tired as my sister usually is at 8pm. I walked around the aisles and the suddenly realised I hadn’t eaten all day again at work and  [ Read More ]


July - 21 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

I have to keep reminding myself that what i am trying to hold on to is not what it used to be and  letting go is the only way forward. I am such a deep and sensitive person and sometimes that part of me literally drives me insane because i can hold things in my  [ Read More ]


July - 20 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

I didn’t go to church this morning expecting to cry or to feel upset in any way, but God spoke straight to me this morning through Rachaels sermon and forced me to face, yet again, some things i had thought i had overcome. I heard from God today about entitlement, timing and identity and how  [ Read More ]

Lounge Therapy

July - 19 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

  So today was the last day of work before my one day off tomoz and i am sooooo glad that i have a free day tomorrow, even though i love my job to bits, i’m starting to feel a little run down and missing my time to just do nothing. I have really learnt  [ Read More ]

Learning to rewrite

July - 16 - 2014
Posted by Jo Cotterill

Thanks to somebody’s awesome skills and talents,  i have my blog back, yay!!!! I ha ve been really keen to start writing again lately because anyone who is on this journey with me knows that there are so many ways in which an eating disorder can try and reel you back in and i find  [ Read More ]

Great Things

December - 20 - 2013
Posted by Jo Cotterill
gret things

There are great things that have happened, there are great things that are going to happen, and there are also great things happening right now, but how we choose to look at what is happening will always dictate whether we are going to see those ‘great things’, or if we will always let them elude  [ Read More ]


December - 10 - 2013
Posted by Jo Cotterill
finally music

Ok, so i was working out this morning, which was just dancing in the lounge room listening to my ipod, and i was going over in my head how awesome bible study was last night (as it always is). I kept thinking about how much i am learning about how much god loves me and  [ Read More ]